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The company HAWACAST

Perfection in plastics technology – for more than 20 years

The company HAWACAST

HAWACAST GmbH started 1999 with the production of HAWAMID PA 12G in the completely refurbished and newly equipped factory building in Ochsenhausen. Word about HAWACAST‘s consis­tent quality, service, customer proximity and on-time delivery got around quickly and production figures increased steadily. Thanks to the rapid growth, the production site soon had to be extended. With the completion of the extension in 2008, the company now has 2 casting plants and 1100 m² production space to its disposal.

The combination of state-of-the-art machines and highly trained and motivated employees make HAWACAST a much sought-after supplier – experience and customer service make us a much sought-after partner.

hawacast kunststofftechnik Gebäude Biberach Produktionhalle Hawamid PA 12G

HAWACAST is a sought-after supplier – experience and customer service make us an international partner.

Environmental protection – more than a promise

Manufacturing PA 12G requires a large amount of primary energy. However, the use of so much energy is more than justified by the outstanding properties and long service life of PA 12G. Nonetheless, we want to do everything in our power to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. For that reason we use electricity generated from regenerative energy sources and are thus able to reduce our annual CO2 emissions by approx. 80 tonnes.

While extending our production facilities, we also invested in a state-of-the-art filtration system that filters our exhaust air. Our next project will involve the recovery of our waste heat.

We are doing this not because we have to – but because we want to!

hawacast kunststofftechnik Umweltschutz Klima Hawamid PA 12G

Environmental protection is not just a promise, but determines our actions.

Advice and service

HAWAMID PA 12G is a tough and hard high-performance plastic – if used properly it is almost unbeatable. HAWACAST is a manufacturer with decades of experience and has always been a consulting partner to the processing industry. Benefit from our specialised experience on the range of possibilities available for your specific application. With your help we will calculate and optimise the parts and adapt them according to our and your production conditions.

If the demands on the material are less stringent we will also be happy to offer cheaper alternative materials.

hawacast kunststofftechnik Service Beratung Hawamid PA 12G

HAWACAST is a manufacturer with decades of experience and has always been a consulting partner to the processing industry.