The special features of HAWAMID PA 12G

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1 + 1 is more than 2

Metal parts such as shafts and hubs fixed inside the mould are fully surrounded by the highly liquid cast and form a non-positive connection during the curing process. Owing to the contraction caused by crystallisation and cooling, the plastic lining shrinks to the size of the knurled metal core according to DIN 82 1973-01. This axial and radial permanent hybrid connection allows the advantages of two materials to be combined in one workpiece:

1. Steel: transmission of high forces and torques, thermal dissipation, construction and fitting according to steel standards etc.

2. HAWAMID 12G: dry running possible, good antifriction properties, low weight, damping capacity, noise reduction, wear resistance etc.

The result will be a highly functional composite not attainable with other plastics.

Common hub materials are the steels 11SMn30, 36SMnPb14, C45, St52K, 1.4301 V2A, 1.4305 V2A, 1.4571 V4A, aluminium, brass (other materials available upon request).

Chemical corrosion protection

If finished parts are to be used in corrosive environments and stainless steel is not an option due to cost considerations, chemical corrosion protection is an option. In order to prevent corrosion, the finished parts are placed into an electrolytic bath. The metal surfaces are exposed to the electrolytic bath and coated with a 3-5 µ thin layer of zinc.

hawacast kunststofftechnik Qualität Stahl Zahnrad Hawamid PA 12G

PA 12G is the only plastic with which both positive and non-positive connections between the plastic and hub are possible; gear with hub made of chromium-molybdenum steel with conical seat.

hawacast kunststofftechnik Qualität Stahl Zahnrad Hawamid PA 12G

Cut-open binding shows knurl.

hawacast kunststofftechnik Qualität Stahl Zahnrad Hawamid PA 12G

Highly stressed gear with polygon steel hub.

HAWAMID PA 12G + oil

Synthetic oils lower the coefficient of friction

Even with its basic properties HAWAMID PA 12G is considered to be a plastic with excellent antifriction and wear resistance properties. In order to enhance properties even more, we add synthetic oils to the low-viscosity cast which are subsequently embedded in the crystalline structure.

  • In the ideal case, when PA 12G mates with hardened steel, we can again reduce the coefficient of sliding friction from 0.35 to 0.18.
  • By adding oil, friction wear can be halved from 0.1 to 0.05 µm/km.
  • The permanent self-lubrication effect allows for longer operating times of mechanical parts.
  • Reduced friction goes hand in hand with reduced heat development, which in turn allows for the systems to be subjected to higher loads.
  • Practice has shown that the „stick-slip effect“ that causes undesired „jolting“ and wobbling at the start-up of a movement out of its rest position is almost eliminated – the movement starts smoothly out of its rest position.
  • The embedded oil reduces the already very low water absorption yet again from 1.1 to 0.85% when immersed in water. This allows for even better dimensional stability and smaller tolerances.
hawacast kunststofftechnik Qualität Zahnrad Hawamid PA 12G
hawacast kunststofftechnik Qualität Öl Zahnrad Hawamid PA 12G

Whether metal/plastic or plastic/plastic pairings: HAWAMID PA 12G + oil reduces the coefficient of friction and thus also heat development during dry-run operation.

HAWAMID PA 12G + colour

Good corporate design needs colour

With colours you can distinguish yourself in the market. Colour plays an important role as a design factor or in implementing a consistent corporate design. The standard colours we produce HAWAMID PA 12 G in are natural white, black and yellow. Various other colours are possible through special casting processes, the high mechanical requirements on the material, however, set limits. Get advice – we will be happy to show you which colourful options are available to you.

hawacast kunststofftechnik Qualität Zahnrad Hawamid PA 12G

Many other colours are possible as special castings.