HAWAMID PA 12G exhibits a number of mechanical properties required in particular in applications using runners and which are not or only insufficiently offered by metals and other plastics such as POM or PET:

  • The high restoring force in conjunction with the high load limits prevent the rollers from flattening out. After being deformed by static loads the material quickly returns to its original shape, thus ensuring vibration-free concentric running, low rolling resistance and little wear.
  • Thanks to the low creep behaviour of PA 12G across a wide range of temperatures the pressed-in ball bearings do not become loose even when subjected to static loads – a decisive criterion for high-precision guide materials.
  • HAWAMID PA 12G is noise-absorbing, vibration-absorbing and especially resistant to intermittent peak loads.
  • The hybrid connection HAWAMID 12G + FE with metal hubs allows for high power transmission onto the runner during acceleration and braking.
  • The toughness and abrasion resistance allow for long operating times. Ideal partners have been found by pairing a HAWAMID PA 12G runner with a metal runner track. Little wear, smooth running properties and reduced strain on the running track are thus possible even in the case of high loads.


Precision runner with ball bearing seat for linear measuring station

Runner with thin lining for fast heat removal. The wide, high-faced bearing surface distributes the surface pressure and reduces the strain on the track.

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