Special formats

PA 12G is a precious material and must therefore be processed in a material-saving manner. Casting moulds specifically designed to match the geometry of the moulded part help to save raw material and costs – the investment costs for the casting moulds are often amortised after only a few castings. Machining times can thus also be reduced because less material has to be removed.
We will be happy to advise you on how to realise your construction as optimally and cost-efficiently as possible. We have many years of experience in specialised mould design and construction.

Recycling of used hubs

If the plastic sheathing has worn out but the hub is still in working order, the hub can be re-cast into a customised casting mould. In the case of large and complex hubs this can save considerable costs – ask us.

Sonderformate Klick here to download
This runner (ø= 450mm) of a mixing drum is subjected to intermittent loads of up to 22 t. The thick lining made of HAWAMID PA 12G can cushion these loads and thus protect the track. Once the lining has worn out we remove it and re-cast the shaft.
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