Least water absorption

PA 12G absorbs the least amount of water amongst all polyamides: 0.9% in standard atmospheric conditions and only 1.1% when immersed in water (for comparison: PA 6 up to 12%). Where other plastics start to swell and lose their mechanical properties, HAWAMID PA 12G keeps its shape, dimensional stability and resilience. HAWAMID PA 12G is therefore often used for mechanical parts and gaskets in sewage treatment plants, bottling plants or shipbuilding.
By using our development HAWAMID PA 12G + oil, the outstanding material properties can be enhanced yet again to only 0.85% water absorption when immersed in water. Dryness also has no effect on the material properties of PA 12G – whereas e.g. PA 6 starts to brittle.

Wasseraufnahme Wasseraufnahme
Owing to its high moisture absorption, PA 6 exhibits lower strength and, due to its swelling behaviour, lower dimensional stability. In the case of frost, there is also the risk of bursting. PA 12G is saturated at 1.1% – this means lasting dimensional stability and strength even in damp environments and at temperatures as low as -50°C.
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