Self-lubricating antifriction properties

When subjected to frictional stress, the surface of HAWAMID PA 12G is compressed and polished: This produces a permanent antifriction layer that allows for dry-run operation – without the need of additional lubricants. In the food and textile industry where the use of lubricants is often not possible, mechanical parts such as runners, gears, guides and sliding plates are often made of HAWAMID PA 12G. By using HAWAMID PA 12G + oil, the antifriction properties are enhanced even more

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An ideal sliding partner for PA 12G is steel with a surface hardness of >50 HRC. This pairing can withstand higher loads compared to plastic/plastic pairings because the heat that is generated can be removed more quickly. But in this case too HAWAMID PA 12G proves to be the superior material: As can be seen in the diagrams (Vicat-B-50 and elastic modulus), PA 12G keeps its shape even if exposed to a long-term temperature of 120°C.

Wherever the use of lubricants is possible, running-in lubrication is recommended in order to increase operating times.


selbstschmierende Gleiteigenschaften mechanische Bearbeitung
In the ideal pairing of PA 12G with hardened steel, we can reduce the coefficient of sliding friction again from 0.35 to 0.18. By adding oil, friction wear can be halved from 0.1 to 0.05 µm/km.
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