HAWAMID PA 12G + oil

Even with its basic properties HAWAMID PA 12G is considered to be a plastic with excellent antifriction and wear resistance properties. In order to enhance properties even more, we add synthetic oils to the low-viscosity cast which are subsequently embedded in the crystalline structure.

  • In the ideal case, when PA 12G mates with hardened steel, we can again reduce the coefficient of sliding friction from 0.35 to 0.18.
  • By adding oil, friction wear can be halved from 0.1 to 0.05 µm/km.
  • The permanent self-lubrication effect allows for longer operating times of mechanical parts.
  • Reduced friction goes hand in hand with reduced heat development, which in turn allows for the systems to be subjected to higher loads.
  • Practice has shown that the „stick-slip effect“ that causes undesired „jolting“ and wobbling at the start-up of a movement out of its rest position is almost eliminated – the movement starts smoothly out of its rest position.
  • The embedded oil reduces the already very low water absorption yet again from 1.1 to 0.85% when immersed in water. This allows for even better dimensional stability and smaller tolerances.

Whether metal/plastic or plastic/plastic pairings: HAWAMID PA 12G + oil reduces the coefficient of friction and thus also heat development during dry-run operation
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