The arguments in favour of HAWAMID PA 12G being used for pulleys are its high abrasion resistance and elasticity. Here too the pairing of the material PA 12G with a steel cable results in long operating times and smooth running properties. Under load the elastic PA 12G gives way – the cable presses into the pulley – thus increases the bearing surfaces of the individual cable strands and reduces the surface pressure: the cable has a much longer service life compared to when used with metal pulleys.

Compared to PA 6G, HAWAMID PA 12G not only has higher load limits but can also be used in damp, wet or cold environments without becoming soft, bursting during frost, becoming brittle or losing its mechanical strength.

Seilrollen Seilrollen
Long service life, high load limits, high operational dependability and smooth and quite operation: pulleys made of HAWAMID PA 12G paired with steel cables
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